John Valiant aka Valiant Praize founder of Valiant Praize Productions LLC on a mission to Celebrate life with purpose for God's glory, power from a God's spirit, and passion for God's people, and is rallying support for his debut album #JesusPeaceLoveFun 

Valiant Praize currently serves God through his Family, his church Overflow Tabernacle's music ministry, his Youth generation through his Biblical based Urban music, and his community by partnering with senior wellness programs for therapeutic drumming. 

With a Passion and Fervor for Jesus and commitment to WIN souls for the Kingdom, Valiant Praize is on a mission to bridge the Generational gap between the reverent "Old Time Religion" and the technological advances of the "Information Age" by being Real, being Righteous, and being Relevant and letting the Light Of Christ's truth shine through.

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